How To Save Money In Your Freelance Business

And automatically increase your profits

Karen Banes


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At least once a year, it’s a good idea to assess your freelance business and see if there are areas where you can save money. Many business expenses are automated, and it’s easy to allow them to get away from you if you don’t take a close look at your outgoings on a regular basis. Here’s what you want to be watching out for as you look over your business expenses to see if there are changes you can make.

Don’t pay for what you don’t use

Cut unnecessary subscriptions. This is usually an area we look at when tidying up our personal finances, but often overlook when assessing business expenses. And as a business owner you may be paying out a lot of monthly fees for all kinds of services that you may or may not be using.

Look at things like your website hosting, domain names, email clients etc. Are you using all the digital property, and every single service, you pay for? Are you running any ads you don’t need? Or still paying for membership sites you never visit?

Check you’re doing things as efficiently as possible

If you run more than one website using different hosting providers, for example, its could be much cheaper to switch to a multi-site plan at one host.

On the other hand, if you run more than one email list, and your individual lists are quite small, it may be cheaper (or even free) to run a smaller list at a separate email client. This will depend on what features you need, of course, and whether it causes you inconvenience to use two different systems, but sometimes it can actually simplify things to use different systems for different aspects of your business.

Make sure you’re not paying for the same thing twice

It’s easy to do, especially when things come as a package. I used to pay for the professional version of Dropbox for cloud storage as well as Microsoft Office which, if you’re not aware, comes with a significant amount of cloud storage via OneDrive. I didn’t need both.

I also used to have accounts with various different stock photography sites as…



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